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Montezuma's Lost Treasure Was Carried Through The Trail of the Ancient Ones

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COAST TO COAST AM – Crime scene investigator by day and ancient artifacts buff by night, Paul Rimmasch discussed ghostly stories related to his work in law enforcement and the latest developments in his research on Montezuma's lost treasure, and the hidden history of the Aztecs. People are still looking for Montezuma's treasure in abandoned or lost mines. During the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Cortes and his soldiers were looking for gold, and Montezuma is believed to have hidden a lot of it away in sunken gardens, and giant rooms under the palace. Some Spanish soldiers said they saw it and it was a treasure beyond their wildest dreams. But while Cortes was away, legend has it that over a thousand porters moved the cache north along the "trail of the ancient ones," he recounted.

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